Do I Need a Zone Control System?

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Do some areas of your home have inconsistent temperatures even as you adjust your thermostat?

If you have a large, Corrales, NM, home or a home with multiple stories and you are not using more than one thermostat you most likely have an uneven distribution of heating or cooling.

A zone control system gives you control over the temperature in each room in your house. It will cool or warm the rooms you use the most at the time that you use them. It works with your thermostat to only provide the necessary heating or cooling energy that each room in your home needs at the time.

How Does It Work?

A zone controlled system uses a control panel to open and shut dampers that are distributed throughout your ductwork, thus blocking or releasing hot or cold air. You set the temperature for each zone via the thermostat and the zone control system does the rest of the work for you.

What is a Zone?

A zone can be anything you want it to be, an individual room, a group of rooms or a whole floor of your home.

How Do I Know If I Need a Zone System?

If your home has one of the following, you may need zone control:

  • More than one level.
  • A rambling floor plan that extends far beyond your main living space.
  • Was built over a concrete slab.
  • Large glass windows.
  • Finished rooms in the attic or basement or rooms over the garage.
  • Large open areas.

The two main benefits of installing this kind of system are energy efficiency and money saving, and thus increased home comfort.

Your programmable thermostats can monitor the heating or cooling in the home so that only the necessary energy is being used when no one is at home, or people are only using certain rooms at certain times of the day. This can save you up to 30 percent on your annual heating costs. It also increases your home comfort, you wont have those cold or hot spots in your home any longer.

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